A warm welcome to the fishing season, by Rosalea Collinge

Ardanaiseig presents a spectacular view of Loch Awe, framed by snow-capped mountains and gnarled trees. However, there’s more to the water than just its picturesque beauty and for those looking for an immersive experience, how about a spot of fishing?

At 25 miles long, Awe is Scotland’s longest freshwater loch and a well-known destination for anglers. During the fishing season – which generally spans from mid-March to early October – the loch boasts a variety of fish including trout, pike, and arctic char. If you like a bit of competition, then put your rod to the test and try your hand at breaking the British rod-caught record of a ferox brown trout weighing 31lb 12oz, which was caught right here on Loch Awe! These predatory trout get their large size from feeding on other fish, and are famed throughout the region.

Ardanaiseig’s jetty provides the starting point for many fishing adventures

Groundskeeper Steve knows the best places to go in search of a tasty catch and is happy to take guests out on the water in one of our rowboats. Early in the season, the best place for fishing is in fairly deep water and it is advisable to use a heavy sinking wet line fly or spinners, so fly fishing and spinning are the best options. As the season progresses into summer, conditions for fishing improve and even at the end of the year there is still always the chance of catching winter pike.


Fishing expeditions can travel up Loch Awe to Kilchurn Castle

Depending on wind and weather conditions, fly fishing is a fun option, especially around the loch’s islands. Good results are often to be had up the loch at Kilchurn Castle, as the bay there has been known to yield pike of up to 17lbs.

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